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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Condoleezza Rice: US-Pakistan relationship like a 'basically sick patient'

WASHINGTON: The US's association with Pakistan resembles a "fundamentally sick patient" as one needs to simply attempt to keep it alive for the following day, previous secretary of state Condoleezza Rice has said.

"That is the manner by which I considered Pakistan when I was there. It's a relationship you must have however it is intense," said Rice, who filled in as the national security counselor and the secretary of state under the Bush organization.

Rice, writer of the new book 'Majority rule government: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom', made the comments while reacting to a question on Pakistan.

"There is undoubtedly Pakistan has inner issues. Regardless I imagine that Pakistan is not the stalwart contender against especially the Taliban here amongst Afghanistan and Pakistan," she said.

"Be that as it may, Pakistan is a tiny bit more steady than it's been in various years. So perhaps there's something," Rice said. 

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